Elify Tap Plus Digital Business Card

Choose our enterprise-level solution to modern networking with the Elify TAP Plus Digital Business Card and make sharing digital info in person as easy as tapping a card to a cell phone. Now companies can create a custom, branded digital business card experience that employees can individually personalize with their contact information and headshot.

Decorate the card's expansive imprint area with your brand logo or design. You'll also choose the digital card features, layout, and information you want employees to input. The Elify TAP Plus version offers everything from the Classic version PLUS background imagery for branding, marketing tools like videos, slides, social media icons, chat applications, and download links.

When your employees tap the NFC-embedded chip or scan the QR code, they'll register their Elify TAP Plus Digital Business Card and personalize it with their contact information and profile picture. But the enterprise-level design, links, and branding will be protected from changes.

Meeting a client? You just tap your card on their smartphone. Then the link to your digital business card launches automatically via the NFC-embedded chip. No special app is needed. If the cell phone doesn't have an NFC reader - 95% of smartphones do - just scan the QR code.


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